Naruto: Crisis of the Past

This is The World of Naruto where the Great Five Villages reside, The Great place of glory attained by Ninja's, The Hatred of Uchiha's, The Will of Fire of Naruto this is what is known the Narutoverse
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 Irregular at Magic High School RP

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Jikura Zheshen
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PostSubject: Irregular at Magic High School RP   Sat Sep 05, 2015 4:59 pm


It is majorly still work in progress, so I'm going to need some help. I was thinking of partnering these sites up, just for advertisement's sake. I would be very grateful if you guys came and assisted in developing and keep things smooth. Please and thank you.
- Naizuko (aka Worthin Jikura)

Also, quick rundown of IATM:
This takes place during the 23rd century of Japan. Magic now exists, but is done through science. To cast a spell, one must have Psions (just basically science-y mana) in their body. There are now schools to teach wizardry. To cast spells, there are devices known as CADs also known as Casting Assistance Devices that cast spells through a sequence of code. The code takes the Psions from the caster's body and activates the spells. Magic is used by the government and most who study magic usually become magic engineers (invent magic-y thingies) or government soldiers.



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Irregular at Magic High School RP
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